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Operational coaching focused on the practical acquisition of specific skills in sales methodology, commercial techniques, negotiation skills, building positive relationships, managing your own time, planning activities, etc. Our coach, who is also a business trainer in a given area, accompanies work, observes activities and helps implement the new methodology.


Operational coaching in the field of broadly understood management, negotiation and sales, as well as personal (holistic) coaching focused on the development of professional skills and personality.

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Coaching helps to implement the methodology to practice. It's a direct job with an expert.

Sales Standards

Implementation of standards according to Model 6-S

The 6-S model has a comprehensive and process approach. This is the only model for effective implementation of sales standards in our market. It was developed in 2007. The author is our Content Manager Tomasz Krawczyk.

Experience in the implementation of Sales Standards since 2002.

We have provided our assistance in implementing the Standards, among companies i.e. Johnson & Johnson Vision, Lagardere, ITAKA Travel Agency

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Sale requires individuality, but also repeatability of applying the methodology at the same time.

Tomasz Krawczyk
Coach, Business Trainer, Salesman

How to implement Sales Standards?


Standards require their definition. The way they are formulated is one of the keys to successful implementation.


You must ensure that you are able to apply the sales methodology as a standard of conduct.


Sellers require support in implementing the Standards. Support is the task of their manager.


Constant supervision of effectiveness is the key stage of continuous improvement.

Negotiator for rent

When support is needed

Business contacts abound in conflict situations and sharp disputes. These situations often end in a termination of cooperation and a court hearing. A professional negotiator will lead to an agreement of the parties, defending the interest of his Principal.

A professional with experience

The professional negotiator develops tactics and strategy for conducting negotiations. It will prepare you or your team to conduct negotiations or will conduct them on your own.

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Management System

Building a Quality Management System in accordance with ISO 9001

The system is identification and effective organization of processes with a minimum of documentation. The entire company should be involved in creating "quality".

Revitalization of processes

Improving internal communication. Optimization of labor consumption, material consumption, efficiency and costs in terms of set priorities and market requirements.

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Market research

Mystery Client

Defining the areas of assessment, assigning the scale of assessment, selection and preparation of auditors playing the role of clients

Badanie Satysfakcji Klientów

Customer satisfaction surveys are a key management tool.

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The participants of our trainings use free expert's advice for a year after training

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